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A major new firmware update for Nokia's rather snazzy E71 business smartphone has been released.I installed it this afternoon, of course taking care to back everything up first so I could do a simple restoration afterwards (some people are suggesting it's better to manually resync everything so as to get optimum performance, but I couldn't be bothered).I'll keep you updated as to any further improvements I actually notice, but here, courtesy of Nokia Addict.com, is the list of promised enhancements: New functionalities in MCU SW version 2: - Internet Radio application - My Nokia application - 3G power reduction for applications using keep-alive style messaging - User experience improvements: - Easy Dialing support for Simplified Chinese language - Device Lock improvement: Open device lock with LSK Fn-keys - One key input method switch for China language - ‘Mute’ option in Right Soft Key when wired headset / hands free is connected - ‘Loudspeaker’ option in Right Soft Key immediately when phone call is started - Enlarge characters in Chr-table - NTLM v1 and v2 support for Intranet Browsing - New black and red themes Changes/improvements made to MCU SW version 2: General - Time zones updated - Improvements to localization - Localization fixes - Missing localizations added - Operator name database updated - Startup Settings updated - Certificates updated - Security updates - Stability and functionality improvements - Barcode reader icon changed from 1D icon to 2D icon - Windows DRM keys are not lost during NSU update from 1 Qwerty keyboard - Stability and functionality improvements - Keyboard mapping corrections Browser - Stability and functionality improvements - Flash Lite improvements Connectivity - WLAN stability improvements - EAP-FAST/TLS stability improved - WLAN roaming functionality improved - BT IOP and Dial-up stability improvements Maps - Several stability and functionality improvement Messaging - Stability and functionality improvements - Performance improvement Quickoffice - Several stability and functionality improvements VOIP / SIP - Many stability and functionality improvements Email - Mail for Exchange upgraded from version 2.5.5 to 2.7.22 - Improved functionality when sending email via SSL/TLS SMTP server Mobile dictionary - Stability improvements - Improvement for installed languages. My name is Jay and I'm a medical student at the University of Manchester.Read more Urban Strike - American president candidate who lost the election created weapons with the help of which he plans to seize power.Government gives order for the pilots of several helicopters to prevent the bad guy from doing that...All fixed - the camera has virtually no lag, and the flash comes into play when needed.

We also have a twitter and facebook accounts @mynokiablog and Facebook.com/mynokiablog. Navigation--Header span @media screen and (max-width: 41.249em) @media screen and (min-width: 41.25em) @media screen and (max-width: 41.249em) @media screen and (min-width: 41.25em) . Navigation--Header a em @media screen and (min-width: 41.25em) . Tintin in Tibet - the main character of the game is a journalist whose name is Tintin.Tintin travels around the world and becomes a participant of fascinating adventures.

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