Tvxq dating on earth drama

Sang suami yang masih SMA ini diperankan oleh Micky Yoochun. Para gadis berteriak saat melihatnya, namun Yoochun hanya melihat satu wanita.

Dan hebatnya, dia adalah guru BK kelasnya, yang diperankan oleh So Hyon Jin.

from what i've heard, they've finished filming "dating on earth" but haven't decided on a release date yet. cause after saving her, he sorta got transported back to the present time. I love it when Micky and Jaejoong fight over golden fish. And BTW, I think they are going to start shooting and actual drama soon. It's just going around, not really a rumor, but an almost confirmed rumor. so yeah the boys did promise that they will give the release date for this theatre drama soon. theyre not gonna drop it =.="but it gona be released!?

and the storyline has nothing to do with "vacation" so not really a sequel in that it continues from where vacation left off, just a sequel in the sense that this is their second drama. so he had no idea whether the girl that he had saved is alive or not. I think SM Entertainment has confirmed that some of their singers will start acting in movies and tv productions soon, like Bo A, DBSK, etc... looks like they are too busy right now to even announce the release date for this theatre drama though it's been a long time since they filmed they drama itself. maybe wen the boys get back to korea coz itd be gay if they release somnething but not be there to promote it..that they need promotion anyway.still!!! i heard that this drama will have 16 episodes altogether. and can anyone post up the source of this news if you found the news anywhere stating that it will be 16 episodes long? nah, i actually think its going to be a drama because like...

And amazingly, it’s his very own class advisor, starred by So Hyon Jin.

I can imagine how Yoochun is having a hard time for attracting So Hyon Jin, who’s of course, much older than him.

Pasangan muda ini akhirnya menikah secara diam-diam.♥ Namun cerita ini tidak bisa berakhir dengan mudah. Dia sangat tampan dan sempurna, sementara saat itu Yoochun adalah murid yang manis dan popular disekolah.

Cowok yang satu ini sering membuat masalah, cowok yang keras kepala, yang disebabkan karena masa lalunya yang berat karena kehilangan orangtuanya disaat ia masih anak-anak. Sebagai seorang yang sering membuat masalah, tentu adalah tugas guru BK untuk memperhatikannya.

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Cerita cinta antara Guru dan murid ini juga dibumbui dengan adanya cinta segitiga untuk seorang murid pindahan yang ikut memasuki hubungan mereka berdua.

The high school husband was starred by Park Yoochun.

He’s a popular guy in school –girls screaming when they see him, but Yoochun only love one woman.

He ends up falling in love with Micky's wife, the homeroom teacher. well..showbiz that day..say its a sequel of vacation ( i doubt it...story line totally different)... I heard about the new DBSK's Korean drama "Dating on earth".

Hero Jaejoong is the other male lead and he is a new transfer student who is a troublemaker. ^0^ patient....rumours saying that its coming out soon... Hope this drama will be better than vacation though...

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