Conclusion: If I mention, even off-hand or casually, that I would like to 'hang out sometime', then I would like to. Tip 3: Analysis: Alright, yeah, that is a pretty strange thing to say.

However, it honestly has been the case with me at different times.

The Windows Live Agents Partner Hosting Portal also stopped accepting any new Agents hosting requests as of this date.

Now, I can't speak for all men, but if you were using the tips from today's MSN column to interpret my responses, then if I liked you at all, you would end up thinking I never wanted to see you again. So that you may avoid this, I will reproduce here the MSN tips, and my response to them: Tip 1: Analysis: If I wasn't interested, I wouldn't have said anything.

The problem is that most self-help work doesn't address the subconscious mind.

Only working on the surface, you know what you are doing wrong but feel this invisible pull back to your old dating ways.

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Windows Live Agents are chatterbot agents for Windows Live Messenger that is part of Microsoft's Windows Live services.

In this eight-week course, I will help you understand where you have been unconsciously stopping love from coming to you and how to turn on your love switch and attract the love of your life within 30-90 days.

Each week you will receive a wonderful guided lecture and amazing guided visualizations to shift your deep, subconscious mind once and for all to break past barriers to the love of your life.

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