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Mariners are cautioned to keep their Light Lists, charts and other nautical publications corrected and should consult all notices issued after the date of publication of the annual Light List.

A summary of corrections for the annual publication, which includes corrections from the dates shown on the title page to the date of availability, is available at the Light List Corrections page.

These corrections must be applied in order to bring the Light List up-to-date.

Additionally, this publication should be corrected weekly from the Local Notices to Mariners or the Notices to Mariners, as appropriate.

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This information includes: Reports of channel conditions, obstructions, hazards to navigation, dangers, anchorage's, restricted areas, regattas, information on bridges such as proposed construction or modification, the establishment or removal of drill rigs and vessels, and similar items. Enclosures contain NOS chartletts of a local area of tabulations of controlling depths, excerpts from Code of Fed regulations regarding marine laws or regulations, marine events, Corps of Engineer report of channel condition survey sheets, Coast Pilot corrections, and more. The Coast Guard Light Lists are published in seven volumes covering the U. Coasts, the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi River System.Printed “on-demand,” it contains all of the latest NOAA updates as of the time of printing.This chart is available for purchase online or from one of our retailers.Up to 50% Off Selected Numbers Below When You Buy Online! All our registrations are provided on DVLA certificate OR transferred to a vehicle, actual number plates can also be provided. Please find a careful selection of some of the best of our number plate stock below.

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