Kerala sex website in facebook dating the highly intellectual

They are using pictures of attractive women to entice users to connect on sex chats.

There are several such active pages, but cops are barely doing anything to take them down,” said cyber crime expert Kislay Choudhary, who has worked with Delhi and Noida Police in several cases.

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Most of these Facebook pages were "liked" by more than 10,000 social media users.

"I had filed a complaint against Amarjith with Cyber Cell in Thiruvananthapuram after he started abusing and harassing me on the Facebook.

I had been getting repeated vulgar messages from many accounts, including the one belonged to Amarjith," said Diya Sana, a transgender activist and cofounder of the 'Pennorumbettal' forum, based in Kochi.

Hackers found out that the followers of these pages with explicit content are equipped with cameras and smartphones.

Not only do they steal pictures of girls on Facebook, they are also taking photographs of girls at public places and sending them to the administrators of these pages. Criminals are copying and saving pictures of female users on social media.

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