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Proper preparation and application will give you the best results.

This is not a traditional nail polish and that is a good thing.

Corallium rubrum or red mediterranean coral necklaces, beads, earrings and ring jewelry are the core business of Eredi Jovon Venice.

We sell as well red beads chains and the famous orange coral from Sciacca (dated 19 th century): this kind of jewelry is extremely rare. Since 1934 we fish, produce and sell engraved corals or beads according the Italian old tradition.

Gold tone necklace chain with teardrop-shaped faceted stones Lobster claw Antique gold plating Metal/glass/plastic/feather Length: 18 3 Ext Frontal drop: 7.5. Care should be taken to protect it from knocks, chemicals, extreme temperatures & sunlight.

Lady Kamdyn portrait small brooch in bambi portrait design is a handmade porcelain and hand painted with 24ct gold, silver and colour. Porcelain jewellery is fragile but when treated with respect will look fabulous and last for many years. Care should be taken to protect it from knocks, chemicals, extreme temperatures & sunlight.

View full product details Crafted in the 1800's, this antique necklace features the delicate milgrain and bead work, high karat rich yellow gold, and styling that is the hallmark of the Etruscan Revival style....Almost 2 inches in length our sterling silver cameo necklace features the mother of pearl silhouette of a bonny lass with flowing locks.A sterling silver cameo pendant that will steal your heart away.The cameos here are carved of a brown and white mother of pearl shell, which gives the bracelet a bright, light feel. View full product details Cameo is the art of carving a layered material, creating a portrait or landscape in the differing colors and textures. This gold ring is timeless, with an air of ancient Rome or... A more unusual subject, this scenic cameo depicts a landscape scene, set on the water, with a rocky shore, buildings in the background, with palm trees,...View full product details In true Victorian fashion, this carved cameo centers around the Victorian's fascination with mythology, piqued by archaeological digs in the 19th century. View full product details Versatile and lovely, this pendant is crafted of fine 18k gold. This is a mid-century, Victorian revival era ring, dating to the 1950's-1970's.

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